It’s 2017’s newest show!  Each month will feature a specific genre that will inspire a fully improvised movie based on an audience suggested title.  You will witness for the first…and LAST TIME EVER a movie inspired by YOU!

Saturdays at 10:00PM • Doors open at 9:45PM

Runtime: 45- 60 minutes

Tickets: FREE

No reservations required! VIP Tickets are available for purchase for $5. (see below)

April’s Determined Genre: Buddy Cop

Using an audience suggested title, the cast will perform an improvised 45 – 60 minute Buddy Cop movie on the spot! In a style similar to hit movies Lethal Weapon & Rush Hour, watch as two mismatched defenders of the law learn to overcome crime (and each other).  For a night of big laughs, come watch them play!