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TGI Friday Night: After Hours! Using audience suggestions, the cast will perform an improv comedy show based on a selected theme for the month! Will the show be inspired by an interview with an audience member about a messed up relationship or maybe a Missed Connection found on Craigslist? Or a will they feature the famous improv comedy format, The Harold? There’s only one way to find out!  Check below for the current format.

Fridays at 10:00PM • Doors open at 9:45PM
Runtime: 45- 60 minutes
Tickets: $5
Attend Laugh Track City before this show and see Friday Night: After Hours for FREE!
Click Here for info about Laugh Track City.


Current Format: #NowTrending

Using various trending hashtags from the week, we’ll create an improvised show inspired by tweets!  Several numbered pieces of paper will be taped to the stage and an audience member will shout out a number to get the 1st hashtag.  Cast members will read various tweets with this particular hashtag and then jump into improvised scenes.  After the cast members have played with the tweets for a few scenes, they’ll get a new hashtag to play with!

It’s a love affair between improv and social media that we’ve always wanted!

#Awesome #FridayNightAfterHours #Only5Dollars #FreeIfYouAttendLaughTrackCity

How is Friday Night: After Hours different from Laugh Track City?

Laugh Track City
is a short form improv comedy show that features 10 – 12 games that usually last 3 – 5 minutes each.  Each game has set rules and involves audience suggestions to inspire them. Friday Night: After Hours is a long form comedy show that is inspired by a rotating format. There is usually less audience participation, but since there are less rules in long form, the scenes and skits in this show are able to be fleshed out more for lasting comedic effect! And hey, it’s a different style of improv!

Laugh Track City is a 90-105 minute show that includes a 10 minute intermission.  Friday Night: After Hours is 45-60 minutes with no intermission.

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