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You ready for a Double Header?  Check out an improv comedy show headlined by two pretty epic acts.
Who is playing next?  Look below!

Friday May 5th • 8:00PM • Doors open at 7:45PM
Runtime: Approximately 60 minutes
Tickets: $8

Friday July 7th Talent Line-Ups

In the words of Phil Collins, do you really want to be a boy forever? Forever? Come find out as we present an improvised set founded on strong characters and connections. You’ll see a variety of playful scenes inspired by just one suggestion.

Backflips For Days
‘Backflips For Days’ met and fell in love in a class at Made Up Theatre in 2022; they were assigned as ‘Group 2’ in their student showcase. They opened their set asking for the name of a movie that does not exist, and an audience member shouted out, “Backflips for days!”

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