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cagematch improv tournament

Local improv teams compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the 2018 CageMatch Champion!

Who will be crowned the Cage Match Champions? YOU DECIDE! Audience members will VOTE to decide who moves onto the Finals on Thursday November 29th! It is sure to be EPIC, so don’t miss out!

NOV. 29th FINAL ROUND Trapped in a Rumor vs. Pea Soup ‘Yes And’ersons

Trapped in a Rumor Website
Trapped in a Rumor believes that the connection between the performers and the audience is what helps lead to the best shows, as such our eclectic troupe is comprised of performers from all walks of life! They perform short form, TheatreGames style of improv, similar to what you may have seen on “Whose Line Is It Anyway”  One day, we hope to save the world through improv – or barring that, entertain as much of it as we can.

Pea Soup ‘Yes, And’ersons
Introducing . . . a brand spankin’ new improv crew: Andrew! Brad! Carrie! Kiran! (We’re good at alphabetizing!) Writing this blurb is giving us an identity crisis, as we’re not quite sure who we are, improv-wise. (That’s why we’re the only group without a website!) Consider us the underdogs of this competition. We met earlier this year when we took classes together. We enjoyed playing onstage so much, we decided to throw our hats into the cage match ring. (Imaginary hats we created with our burgeoning space work skills, that is!) We enjoy performing together almost as much as we love bad, billboard-inspired puns.

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