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improv comedy

It’s the group that started it all performing in a show decided by fate!  5 Play (the Founding Fathers of MUT: Bobby August, Dustin Seidler, Ben Stephens, and Sean Taylor) is a fast-paced, playful improvisational comedy group that has been performing together since 2008!  The cast will perform a 45-60 minute improvised movie based on a suggested title from the audience.  But here’s the catch…an audience member will spin the Wheel of Genres to determine the movie’s style.  What will the genre be?!  There’s only one way to find out…

Friday the 13th Edition: In honor of this special date, the Wheel of Genres will contain a variety of scary movie genres…

Select Dates at 10:00PM • Doors open at 9:45PM
Runtime: 45- 60 minutes
Tickets: $5

How is 5 Play Presents ‘The Wheel of Genres’ different from Laugh Track City?

Laugh Track City
is a short form improv comedy show that features 10 – 12 games that usually last 3 – 5 minutes each.  Each game has set rules and involves audience suggestions to inspire them. 5 Play Presents ‘The Wheel of Genres’ is a long form comedy show that is inspired by a movie genre and audience suggested title. Once these two pieces of information are collected, the cast creates a stand-alone improvised movie with no break. Every week is different, because the genres and titles are always different!

Laugh Track City is a 90-105 minute show that includes a 10 minute intermission.  Wheel of Genres is 45-60 minutes with no intermission.

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