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Made Up Theatre is an independent venue with no outside funding, so any help we get from our lovely community is much appreciated. Whether it’s coming out to our shows or taking our classes, it all helps us grow in Fremont!  

In addition to those awesome options listed above, you can also help out with these other options!  Thanks and love to you all!


Donations are always greatly appreciated!  No amount is too little, and it really helps us improve our theatre so we continue to deliver the best improv comedy in the Bay Area!  


Made Up Theatre has a partnership with Amazon, which means that you can support Made Up Theatre while doing your regular shopping on Amazon!  As long as you follow this link, for any purchase you make, we get a commission for it!  It’s an easy way to throw some money in the tip jar!  And hey, just bookmark the page, so you’ll always support local theatre!


Another easy way to support MUT is to follow us on our various social media platforms!  Give us a like, follow, subscribe, and say what’s up!  Check out the sites below and help spread the word!


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