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Did you know Made Up Theatre has a Reward Program, where you can earn points that can be redeemed for FREE tickets?  For every ticket fully priced ticket you purchase to Laugh Track City or Family Friendly Matinee, you earn yourself 10 points.  You earn 5 points for VIP ticket purchases to our 10:00pm shows.  For every 50 points you accumulate, you can get yourself one FREE ticket! Awesome, right?  And it’s super easy to join and use!

Also, we sometimes have special promotions, where you can earn 2x or even 3x the normal points!  Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our monthly newsletter to find out when those are!

Please note, discounted or free tickets do not earn you points.


Joining the Reward Program and using your points are easy to do, but if you are ever confused, watch the below videos!

This video will show you how to join the Reward Program. The video shows two easy methods for those who do not have an account and for those who do have one.

Start earning points today!

Now that you have an account and have accumulated points, this video will show you how to redeem them for FREE tickets to Made Up Theatre shows!

Start using points today!

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