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Check out our grand reveal video with information about our new home and our current fundraising campaign!
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Made Up Theatre is proud to announce that we are moving to our new home on August 3rd:
4000 Bay Street, Fremont, California, 94538
located at “The Five Corners” in the Irvington District

You might know this location as being previously occupied by Broadway West, a performance venue that has been delivering theatrical performances annually since 1995. The 1st story is home to the popular Bean Scene Cafe. Made Up Theatre will be occupying the second story, where we’ll be showcasing weekly comedy shows for up to 70 guests, classes, and other events. As the months progress, we hope to unveil other big plans we have for this new space!  The other benefits of this move are stronger visibility in the Bay Area community, opportunity for more weekly events, and with Broadway West’s departure, we are hoping to keep theatre ALIVE in Fremont.

With this move comes an intensive renovation of the facility.  With an increased monthly rent and the costs of renovation to get the theatre looking like our vision, we are looking at potential financial hardships for the next few years. Some estimated costs for our ideal space is below:

New stage/light & sound equipment: $10,000+
New signage: $3,000+

New chairs: $3,000+
Updated permits/licenses: $6,000+
Other renovation: $4,000+

Fundraising Goal: $26,000

Fundraising Campaign Has Officially Concluded

You can still donate to help our cause here.
Thank you to all of our donors!
With your help, we made $15,886!

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