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Made Up Theatre hosts a live video gaming stream throughout the week hosted by MUT owner Sean Taylor. Whether you’re a gamer or not, come out and watch Sean struggle and persevere through both old and new games. During the stream, Sean is ready to answer questions about anything: improv, running Made Up Theatre, gaming, or whatever is on your mind!  

To join the stream LIVE, follow us at our Twitch Account and say howdy and join the discussion!  Sean’s gaming schedule varies, so visit the link and scroll down to see his schedule.

Follow him on Twitter to get the scoop on when he’s going live and what game he’s playing!

Here’s a highlight video, where Host Sean cowers in fear as he plays Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in VR!  There were many, many, many jump scares to be had…

Here’s a highlight video, where Host Sean played with fellow Made Up Theatre owner Bobby in a rousing game of Rocket League.

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