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Made Up Theatre offers several ways to help raise money for your cause:

    1. Ticket Packages: With this option, you purchase a block of tickets from us at a discounted rate with your resale price determining your profit. Tickets are discounted 50% – 65% off the regular price (minimum purchase required). Groups raise an average of $6 – $10 per ticket sold.
    2. Have a show at MUT: We will pick a night for a special fundraiser show for your non-profit cause. We charge a flat $500 rate per show, and you charge whatever you want! Our theatre accommodates approximately 54 guests, and you can make extra money by holding a raffle! Fundraiser nights at MUT are subject to availability.
    3. Bring MUT to YOU: Already have a fundraiser event scheduled for your nonprofit organization? Looking for entertainment? Made Up Theatre is portable, and we’ll bring the funny to your event! Cost is based on your estimated audience size, shows are typically between $550 to $1200 per show. At your event, you can have a raffle, silent auction, etc. to raise more money for your cause! We’ll even donate some prizes to help!

Or Call (510) 573-3633

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