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Come to the Playground Improv Jam and play in a supportive, friendly, and FUN environment!
Select Dates! Open to everyone! No experience necessary!

7:30pm | Approximately 90 – 105 minutes
Doors Open at 7:20pm

If you enjoy the Playground Improv Jam, then consider enrolling in our in-person classes.

The Playground is an improv jam, where anybody is able to come out and play on our stage in improvised games and scenes.  It’s like an open mic night for improvisers, but waaaaay less judgemental!  In fact, we leave judgments at the door, because our focus is fun and PLAY!

You’ll get the chance to play various games that are featured in the hit TV show “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” and Made Up Theatre’s improv comedy shows, such as Freeze Tag, World’s Worst, Conducted Story, and MORE!  That’s right! You are the stars of this performance!

The best thing about the Playground is anybody can PLAY!  That’s right!  We invite anybody to come out and play from experienced improvisors to people who have never tried improv ever.  As long as you are a friendly individual looking to have fun improvising with other friendly individuals, you are welcomed at the Playground!

Would you rather just watch? No worries! We have Spectator passes available for purchase, so you can enjoy the jam from the audience.

Ticket Types:
Participant – $12
You get to jump onstage in games and scenes!

Spectator – $7
You are here to watch and not play!  Please note, you cannot upgrade this ticket to Participant at the door, so choose wisely!

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