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Adults Improv Comedy Classes

Experience the power of play, and the fun of improvisational comedy in a fun and safe environment with Made Up Theatre’s improv classes. We offer a complete training program, providing students with a strong foundation in improvisation that promotes creativity and personal growth.

Students also receive 6 FREE PASSES to see shows! Learn your improv A,B,C’s.

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Please note, unless otherwise noted, all new students are required to start at Level A: Elements of Improv.

Level A

Course Description:

Explore the Elements of Improv in our introductory course. You will learn the core fundamentals and principles of improv, focusing on various games and exercises that encourage trust, communication, agreement (“yes and”); active listening, character, status, and making your scene partner look good.  After that, you’ll start to apply these concepts into fully improvised scenes.

8 Week Course

Tuition: $199

Ages: 18+

Prerequisite: None

*Classes meet once a week.

Level B

Course Description:

Now that you’ve learned some of the core fundamentals of improv, it’s time to explore the methods used to sustain a scene beyond the first few lines. Delve into character and relationship work, “heightening,” making bold choices, and using offers to enhance your scene.  In addition, you’ll learn various long form formats that will be used in your first improvised showcase for family & friends on the final class.

8 Week Course (Showcase for friends & family on 8th Week)

Tuition: $199

Ages: 18+

Prerequisite: Level A

*Classes meet once a week.


Course Description:

This class explores short form improvisation as seen in our Laugh Track City show and the hit TV show, “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?”.  Students will learn how to act quickly, while applying improvisational skills towards fast-paced scenes, on-the-fly musicals, and impressive guessing games!  Students will also be able to showcase their talent in a showcase for family and friends.

8 Week Course (Student Showcase for family & friends on 8th Week)

Tuition: $199

Ages: 18+

Prerequisite: Level B

*Classes meet once a week.


Graduated from Made Up Theatre’s Level A – Level C program?
Join the MUT Conservatory and hone your skills as an improvisor.

As you know by now, improv is a fun and creative way to let off some steam and have fun! Now, here’s your chance to do just that while building your improv skills, rehearsing, and performing in shows for your family and friends. The MUT Conservatory will be offered throughout the year and is open only to Made Up Theatre graduate students.

8 Week Course (Student Showcase on 8th Week)

$159 Tuition

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Playing with Confidence by Betsaida LeBron

December 2nd from 1:00pm – 4:00pm | 16 Student Limit | No pre-requisite.

In this workshop we will focus on combating self-doubt. Self-doubt is the enemy of creative freedom. Crippling indecision, constant desire for approval, perfectionism, and fear of failure are all effects of self-doubt. We learn to say “YES, and” in improv because self-doubt makes us want to say “no”. The very “rules” of improv exist to counteract our self-doubt. Confidence is acknowledging your fear and self-doubt, but playing anyway. Come learn how to play with confidence!

Betsaida is a veteran improviser and stand-up comedian that has been performing, directing, and teaching for over 10 years. She began performing with ComedySportz and is an alum of iO-Chicago and Bay Area Theatre Sports (BATS). She co-founded Blacktop Comedy Club and has taught at festivals, such as the California Comedy Festival and San Francisco’s Femprovisor Fest, as well as at numerous theaters in California and Nevada. In her day job she works for a non-profit organization where she serves as the communications director and helps train people with connecting with others and developing active listening skills. She loves teaching and strongly believes that improv skills and life skills go hand-in-hand and that everyone has an inner child waiting to come out and play. For more information visit

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Interested in enrolling in Made Up Theatre’s improv comedy courses? 

Voted by CBS as one of the Best Acting Classes in the East Bay, come learn the core fundamentals of improv while making new friends and having fun.
No experience necessary!
As a special bonus, students also receive 6 FREE passes to see shows!
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