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improv classes

Graduated from Made Up Theatre’s core curriculum?
Join the MUT Conservatory and hone your skills as an improvisor.

As you know by now, improv is a fun and creative way to let off some steam and have fun! Now, here’s your chance to do just that while building your improv skills, rehearsing, and performing in shows for your family and friends. The MUT Conservatory will be offered throughout the year and is open only to Made Up Theatre graduate students.

8 Week Course (Student Showcase on 8th Week)

Dates: March 8 – May 3 (no class on Easter Sunday)

Sundays | 5:00pm – 7:00pm

$219 Tuition

Pre-requisite: Completion of Intro to Improv, Improv Scene Study, & Improv Games

Instructor: Sarah Silva

Topic: Advanced Long Form
In this class, you will continue honing your long form improv skills, as well as delve into specific long form structures, including thematic Montages and story-based formats

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