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Made Up Theatre officially opened its doors to the public on January 21st, 2011, but its journey didn’t begin there. Made Up Theatre’s co-founders Bobby August Jr., Dustin Seidler, Ben Stephens, and Sean Taylor met between 2001 and 2006, where they developed a camaraderie as improvisers and as friends. After many years of performing together, along with Made Up Theatre alumni Steve Seidler, they created the improv group, 5 Play.

Without a venue of their own, 5 Play took their show all across the Bay Area. They performed at schools, including Ohlone College, Las Positas College, and Lincoln High School, and other comedy venues, including Pan Theater and the San Francisco Improv Festival. Along the way, Made Up Theatre alumni, Jeromy Carssow, joined 5 Play and helped perform in these shows. The group rehearsed and planned for their future in Dustin and Steve Seidler’s living room, hoping they would soon have their own performance space, a space tentatively titled “Made Up Theatre.” In the summer of 2010, that dream came true. The group acquired a space in Fremont, what would soon be known as Made Up Theatre.

On October 22, Made Up Theatre held its first unofficial opening show featuring 5 Play to a sold out crowd. The theatre showcased an underground show every month until the end of 2010, and then on January 21, 2011, Made Up Theatre officially opened its doors to the public with two sold out shows featuring 5 Play performing improv and sketch comedy. Shortly after, a new show was added to the line-up, Laugh Track City, which featured short form improv, similar to ABC’s television series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Made Up Theatre continues to bring laughs to those who have discovered this hidden gem, with weekly comedy shows every Friday & Saturday at 8:00pm & 10:00pm. It’s been a long journey, but we’re here to stay, and we hope to see you at MUT soon!

Ben & Dustin

Made Up Theatre co-owners (left to right) Ben Stephens & Dustin Seidler put a fresh coat of paint on their new home.

Grand Opening

5 Play  after performing in Made Up Theatre’s Grand Opening shows!
(left to right) Sean Taylor, Dustin Seidler, Steve Seidler, Bobby August, and Ben Stephens.

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