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Improv is all about making it up as you go, and that’s how Made Up Theatre came to be. After parting ways with a previous improv venue in late 2009, owners Bobby August, Dustin Seidler, Ben Stephens, and Sean Taylor still had a burning passion for improv but no home to practice it in. They made a vow. Do at least one show a month. They rehearsed in Dustin and his brother and fellow co-performer Steve’s living room and started reaching out to various venues, such as Las Positas College, Ohlone College, Lincoln High School, and more. They were called 5 Play. 5 buds who played. Simple, yet effective!
The cast of 5 Play performing as Las Positas College #JumpFreeze
For half a year, they kept their promise, but they wanted more. Then, it happened! A venue of their own. Sure, it was a garage in an industrial area, and it wasn’t very nice looking at first, but with some black paint and some amateur woodworking, Made Up Theatre was created.
In a brief period of time, no longer were the cast of 5 Play rehearsing in a living room, they were rehearsing in their new home. The next step was shows and getting people to come. In 2010, Fremont was struggling to have live or nighttime entertainment. Heck, there wasn’t even a movie theater at the time. Also, improv was new to Fremont. No other improvisation company had existed in Fremont to this point (to our knowledge!). In October, Made Up Theatre showcased it’s first preview show, starring the cast of 5 Play. People came, people laughed, people wanted more, and so did the cast. November and December also had shows, but 5 Play wanted to debut a consistent schedule in style. On January 21, 2011, Made Up Theatre opened its doors with their official Grand Opening.
5 Play performed in 2 shows that night with a mix of improv and sketch. It was an amazing and emotional night, because they realized that they did it. They made something out of what might be perceived as nothing. Improv.
The original cast of 5 Play performing in MUT’s Grand Opening.
Made Up Theatre started with 2 shows a month to slowly introduce their style of comedy to the Bay Area. In mid-2011, they jumped to one show a week and began teaching classes in improvisation. As time rolled on, more shows were added to their schedule, as well as two amazing cast members, Karin Plow & Trent Dozier.
A very enthusiastic Karin & a possibly introspective Trent.
As the years rolled by, Made Up Theatre keeps evolving by adding more shows (The Wheel of Genres, Friday Night: After Hours, Family Friendly Matinee, and multiple holiday shows), increasing its awesome student community, producing online content (comedy sketches, instructional videos, and promotional content…with more to come!), and introducing new, talented cast members to the line up.
Some of the new cast members at Made Up Theatre!
Then in the Summer of 2018…we took our biggest step forward. We said goodbye to our original home on Seldon Ct., and said hello to 4000 Bay Street, Fremont, CA! That’s right! On August 2nd, 2018, we officially cut the ribbon and welcomed the Bay Area to our new home!

The moment where everything changed for the better!
Come check us out at our new home and help keep theatre alive in Fremont!
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