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What is a Made Up Theatre show?

Made Up Theatre features weekly shows that are completely improvised.  There’s no scripts or pre-planning; it’s all made up on the spot!  Shows are Fridays & Saturday nights at 8:00pm.  We also have a monthly Family Friendly Matinee at 3:00pm on the 1st Sunday at 3:00pm.

For Show Info: Click HERE.

For Tickets: Click HERE.

How is Made Up Theatre interactive?

Our show thrives on audience participation. Whether it involves a simple suggestion to get our story started or a willing audience member joining us on stage to help us with a scene, we need YOU! Our show is interactive, but we do not put audience members on the spot, and we do not force anyone to come on stage. Audience participation is totally voluntary, but we encourage you to have fun with us!

How long are shows?

Our main stage shows are approximately 90-105 minutes long and includes a 10-minute intermission.

Our touring show is 30-60 minutes. For more info about our touring show, click HERE.

Check our show schedule for show descriptions, show times, and to buy tickets.

Is Made Up Theatre handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, our venue at 4000 Bay Street, Fremont, CA is located on the 2nd floor and there is no elevator access due to it being a historical building. We apologize for this. We will try to see if we can make changes in the near future.

Is the show appropriate for all ages?

Our Friday & Saturday night shows at Made Up Theatre may contain adult language and content, and may not be suitable for a young or sensitive audience. We have a recommended viewing age of 16 and up.  Our Family Friendly Matinee takes place twice a month (usually the 1st & 3rd Sundays) and is appropriate for all ages.  More info can be found here.

Family-friendly shows are available for private and corporate events.  If you’re interested in booking a family-friendly show for a corporate or private event, please email us for more information or visit our portable events page HERE. Family-friendly shows are also available for fundraiser events at our theatre, and off-site.  For more info about our fundraising options, click HERE.

Can Made Up Theatre perform for my event?

Yes! Made Up Theatre is portable and can bring our touring show, Laugh Track City, to your next event.  We perform for corporate events, universities and schools, churches, synagogues, private parties, fundraiser events and more! Our touring show has a selectable rating system: family friendly or adult, so our show is appropriate for all ages and all event functions. For more info about our touring show or to request a quote, click HERE. As always, please email us with any other questions.

Does Made Up Theatre offer classes?

Yes! Visit our Classes page for information about taking an improv classes with us. We offer a complete program, and classes are offered throughout the year for students 18 and over.

Does Made Up Theatre offer classes for the youth?

We currently have teen camps (ages 13-17) that run a few times every summer. Visit our Summer Camp page for information about current sessions and registration. We are looking to offer other youth classes in the future. Stay tuned.

What is Made Up Productions?

Made Up Productions is a video and film production company associated with Made Up Theatre. We film improv and sketch comedy shows in front of a live studio audience for viral and multimedia distribution. You can find these videos on our YouTube Channel!  Subscribe to help support!

If you have a question that was not answered, please contact us.

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